Advertising Industry

Co2 Laser engraving/cutting machine is used for cutting and scribing of acrylic, plexiglass, wood board, density board, sandwich board, paper cardboard, leather, cloth, felt, velvet products, plastic board, film products, leaves and other materials.

It is typically used in advertising products, craft making, model craft, fabric art, leather product industry, clothing design blanking, craft gifts, wooden toys, exhibition display, decoration and other industries.

1. Advertising industry: cutting and marking of acrylic, wooden boards, and paper products.
2. Gift industry: custom-made and batch-processed plate cutting and hollowing out, wooden handicrafts, decoration mosaic cutting.
3. Model decoration: model making, decoration, marking, cutting and marking of product packaging, etc.
4. Carton printing industry: used for engraving rubber boards, double-layer boards, plastic boards, cutting lines, knife template cutting, etc.
5. Industrial application: cutting and blanking of non-metallic plates in the industrial field, such as rubber sealing ring cutting, etc.



Post time: Mar-09-2023