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Nameplate and Industrial Tags Laser Marking

Laser marking tags.
The nameplate processed by the ink is poor in abrasion resistance, and the ink is easily worn away after use and becomes blurred and discolored.

For example, vehicle nameplate, water pump nameplate, air compressor nameplate, mold nameplate, and other equipment, the running environment is relatively inadequate. The nameplate often comes into contact with soaking, high temperature, chemical pollution, etc., ordinary printing ink cannot be very competent.

Laser marking does not require media such as ink to cover the surface but is directly marked on the metal nameplate's surface. It has good quality and durable wear resistance. Various complicated patterns, texts, QR codes can be easily edited in the marking software.

Security Seal Laser Marking

Laser marking security seal.
Security seals are commonly used to seal shipping containers for security purposes, so the seal's information is not allowed to tamper. Laser marking technology can ensure the data cannot be erased or rubbed off.

A personalized message, such as a company logo, serial number, and barcodes, can be easily laser printed on seals with user-friendly software.

Livestock Ear Tag and Pet Tags Laser Marking

Laser marking livestock ear tags, laser marking pet tags.
Different peg and livestock tags include cattle ear tags, sheep mini ear tags, visual ear tags, and cow ear tags.
Permanent laser marking of name, logo and sequential number on the body of tags.


Post time: Mar-10-2023