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FP-35F, FP-55F CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for non-metallic materials, including wood, paper, plastic (includ-ing organic glass), leather, cloth, ceramics, food materials, etc. It is mainly used in fields that require high smoothness and fineness, such as electronic products, wood furniture, pharmaceutical packaging, beverage packaging, etc.

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This series of laser marking machines uses high-quality radio frequency CO2 lasers, high-quality optical components, good optical modes, stable and reliable long-term operating system performance, integrated overall design, compact structure, and stable performance.
Suitable for marking, cutting and punching various non-metallic materials, such as plastic, rubber, resin, ceramics, coating, stone, leather, acrylic, wood, paper, cloth, etc. Widely used in clothing, leather products, electronic components, pharmaceuti-cal/food packaging, handicrafts and other fields.

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Technical Parameters

FP-35T CO2 Laser Marking Machine Technical Parameters 
1 Model FP-35T
2 Marking speed  ≤12000mm/s 
3 Beam diameter 1.8±0.2mm
4 Laser wavelength 10.55µm-10.63µm
5 Power stability  ≤3W  
6 Laser output power  ≥40W/≥60W (at 25 C) 
7 Beam divergence 7.5±5Mard Radian full angle 
8 Degree of polarization Linearly polarized (> 100: 1) parallel to width direction
9 Marking range 110x110mm (standard)
10 Character size 0.2mmx0.2mm
11 Repeatability 0.01mm
12 Total power  ≤600W 
13 Interface USB
14 Working environment Clean or less dusty 
15 Working hours 24 hours 
16 Cooling system Air cooling
17 Power supply AC220V±10%, 50hz/60hz
18 File format BMP/DXF/PLT/JPEG/HPGL

CO2 Laser Marking Samples

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Product Characteristics

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Wide range of applications
It is suitable for marking, cutting and punching of various non-metallic materials, such as plastic, rubber, resin, ceramics, coating, stone, leather, acrylic, wood, paper, cloth, etc. Widely used in clothing, leather products, electronic components, pharmaceuticals, food packaging, handicrafts and other fields.

Permanent marker
Laser marking is a marking method that uses a high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or undergo a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark.

Marking speed is fast
Using high-speed digital galvanometer, it can carry out assembly line flight marking.

Maintenance free
Because the equipment uses advanced fiber lasers, it has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, is easy to use, does not require optical adjustment or maintenance, has a compact structure, high system integration, and fewer failures.

Product Detail

Easy Operation
With the basics of computer use, you can start to operate the machine within 30 minutes of training.

Easy maintenance
The whole machine adopts a modular assembly method, and each component can be disassembled independently, which is convenient for fault diagnosis and later maintenance.

Low failure rate
Each component adopts the domestic first-line brand to ensure the stability of the product, and the 48-hour aging test method can be packaged and shipped before leaving the factory.

Low environmental requirements
0.5M², the whole machine is small and compact, and can adapt to harsh processing environments.

No consumables required
No need for any consumables, non-toxic, no environmental pollution, high environmental protection

1. What should I do if I can't operate the machine for the first time?
Please don’t worry, the machine operation is very simple.
The operation video and usage manual will be provided with the machine together.
Our engineer will do training online if you need.

2. Is the packaging safe for international long-distance transportation?
We will use the standard export wooden cases sponge filled inside for packing protection.
The machine is covered by plastic film for waterproof. Then covered by foam to protect the machine from shaking. And the outside, we adopt the standard export wooden cases.
Regardless of international express, air or sea transportation, we will try our best to protect the machine from damage during transportation.

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Machine Details Display

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high-quality radio frequency CO2 lasers, with stable quality and long working life

High-speed digital galvanometer
Double red focus

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High Transparency F-theta Lens
The light spot is finer, the anti-dirty coating is wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, and the focus is clear

High-performance motherboard, stable and compatible
Only integrated control board, suitable for various assembly line systems

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