YAG 500W Laser Welding Machine Handheld CNC Metal for metal weld stainless steel yag mould repair cnc automatic channel letter

Short Description:

1:Applicable materials: stainless steel, steel plate iron plate, and other metal
2:Capacitance: large capacity and lasting con-stant energy storage.
3:Equipped with two xenon lamps,max laserpower is near 500W
4:Easy to operate, no technical requirements forthe operator.
5:No black spot on the surface, without surface treatment.

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1. Used super tempered glass working table.About 12mm thickness,with explosionproof film and paint,flat and smooth.
2. Laser crystals: Aadopt the domstic super 7*145 laser rods,every piece all have the LQC qualification certificate.With High gain,low laser threshold, high laser power, beautiful solder joints, stable activity, good thermal conductivity and thermal shock properties.
3. Laser power : Adopt eight super laser power and imported IGBT bipolar transistors, to make the power supply pulse xenon lamp current more constant, high-frequency continuous welding, not easy to decline, and long life.
4. High-power constant-temperature refrigeration water tank,with high control accuracy, Germany EBM electronic fan as a part of the matching condensation, large air volume, low noise and filtration devices, effective filtration of water impurities.
5. Controller:Independent high-definition touch control screen, control pulse current,the setting parameters will be automatically saved(english and chinese for option)
6. Laser head easy to adjust,the vertical stroke can up to 210mm.

Product Detail

7. Used CCD micro monitor, the welding effect is clear.
8. Specially-made moving optical path, flexible, extending focusing lens F = 200MM
9. 5m long handheld tube,suitble for different materl’s welding,more convenient.
10. Easy operation: Men and women all can work, high efficiency, starting up can use directly, welding speed is 5 times than the traditional technology.
11. Environmental and safe: With germany technology, no noise, no pollution, no radiation, can keep working in 24 hours.
12. Innovative structure, stable and solid, easy to operate, humanization,beautiful and atmosphere.


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