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This machine is developed using a 355nm ultraviolet laser. It also uses third-order intracavity frequency doubling technology. Compared with infrared lasers, the 355 ultraviolet light focusing spot is extremely small, which can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and has little processing heat impact. , so it is mainly used for ultra-fine mark-ing and engraving, and is especially suitable for application fields such as marking food and medical packaging materials, drilling micro holes, high-speed dividing of glass materials, and complex pattern cutting of silicon wafers.

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Product Advantages

This series of laser marking machines has a very small focused spot and a small processing heat-affected zone. It will not produce thermal effects or cause problems such as material burning. It has fast marking speed, high efficiency, stable performance, small size and low power consumption. and other advantages, it is the first choice product for customers who have higher requirements for marking effects.

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Technical Parameters

FP-5T UV  Laser Marking Machine Technical Parameters 
1 Model FP-5T
2 Beam quality TEMoo,M2<1.3
3 Average output power 3W@30kHz  >5W@30kHz  >8W@40kHz  >10W@40kHz  >15W@40kHz
4 Marking speed  ≤12000mm/s 
5 Wavelength 355nm±1nm
6 aser repetition frequency range 20khz-500khz (adjustable) 
7 Single pusle energy ~100uj@30kHz ~160uJ@30kHz ~200uJ@40kHz ~250uJ@40kHz ~300uJ@40kHz
8 Output spot diameter 0.017mm 
9 Marking range 110x110mm (standard and optional) 
10 Repeatability 0.01mm
11 Pulse width(ns) ~15ns@30kHz/40kHz 
12 Power adjustment range 10%-100% 
13 Total Power  ≤500W 
14 Cooling system Water cooling
15 Pulse stability <3% rms 
16 Equipment operating temperature 0℃-40℃
17 Power requirements AC220V土10%,50HZ/60HZ

UV Laser Marking Samples

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Product Characteristics

main (2)

Wide range of applications
Can mark all metals, rigid plastics, various coated products. It can mark graphics, QR codes, serial number marking, support all fonts, support network communication and secondary development of some special functions.

Permanent marker
Laser marking is a marking method that uses a high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or undergo a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving a permanent mark.

Marking speed is fast
Using high-speed digital galvanometer, it can carry out assembly line flight marking.

Maintenance free
Because the equipment uses advanced fiber lasers, it has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, is easy to use, does not require optical adjustment or maintenance, has a compact structure, high system integration, and fewer failures.

Product Detail

Easy Operation
With the basics of computer use, you can start to operate the machine within 30 minutes of training.e use.

Easy maintenance
The whole machine adopts a modular assembly method, and each component can be disassembled independently, which is convenient for fault diagnosis and later maintenance.

Low failure rate
Each component adopts the domestic first-line brand to ensure the stability of the product, and the 48-hour aging test method can be packaged and shipped before leaving the factory.

Red light positioning
Using red light positioning system, convenient positioning and high positioning accuracy.

Can be extended with additional functions. Such as circular marking, X Y electric workbench, automatic feeding flight marking, etc.

Computer program
Marking is carried out automatically, marking English, numbers, Chinese characters, graphics, and the printing content can be changed arbitrarily.

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Configuration Options

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Equipment Details Display

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We use China made first-grade brand UV laser sourcewhich have stable performance and long service life. The water-cooled cooling system makes the machine performance more stable and the beam quality better!

High-speed digital galvanometer with dual red lights, making finding focus easier and marking speed more efficient and precise

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紫外标准台式激光打标机20231228_画板 1 副本 7

 High Transparency F-theta Lens
The light spot is finer, the anti-dirty coating is wear-resistant and anti-corrosion, and the focus is clear

Equipped with a professional industrial-grade water cooler to reasonably control the working temperature

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紫外标准台式激光打标机20231228_画板 1 副本 8

Anodized aluminum working table
Full anodized aluminum technology, fine polishing, stable work, craftmanufacturing

Built-in cooling system
Easily cope with high temperature and high humidity working environment

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紫外标准台式激光打标机20231228_画板 1 副本 10

Modular chassis design
Easily troubleshoot and resolve equipment failures

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